slaked lime, chalk, graphite, personal objects

temporary installation, Leipzig 2010


'WEG' as a work of art produces the crematorium in Auschwitz concentration camp according to the ground plan of the "Topf & Söhne" company from 1942 as well as the front and side elevations from 1941 and 1942. Part of the ground plan therefore is copied onto the floor of the exhibition area with chalk on a scale of 1:1. Elevations are marked on the walls by means of graphite. The area of the basement mortuary recorded – the first one described as such and the only gas-chamber preserved – is covered with slaked lime, meticulously edged and opaque, the input sleeves for the insecticide left blank, the entrance to the mortuary precisely and identically covering the entrance to the exhibition space. Thus the recipient simply can`t help but enter this space via the slake lime area.

On a second floor the recipient finds my private study originally recreated as representing my present analysis of the Holocaust.


'WEG' as a work of art thus also represents some [auto]-biographical process, the basic idea of which may show my personal analysis of as well as currently embarrassed consteration with the holocaust, but also of its artefacts.


The recipient is not only given insight into my private story and research, but rather invited to consciously or unconsciously becoming part of my quest, and, in the context of my work, to enter history. He is forced to put foot onto an apparently plain and clear surface, an abstaction, he may but need not try to grasp; its irritating substance, however, will stick to his shoes, as does history with us.

video: © videowerkstatt.net GmbH

exhibition view: Gallery Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, 2010

pictures: © A. Müller & M. Kewitsch

© Carsten Goering, 2018