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水色藝術工坊 / Mizuiro Workshop


No. 31, Ln. 129, Huanhe St., West Central Dist.,

Tainan City 700018, Taiwan

Carsten Goering在從事數位影像創作的過程中,他逐漸察覺到與作品之間似乎總是存在著一種隔閡,這促使他重新思考身體介面和作品之間的關係。他開始嘗試以傳統繪畫媒材來呈現內心所孕育的數位影像。創作過程中,不斷地透過身體與畫布和顏料的互動,以及化學材料和空氣溫濕度的感受,使他重新探索與作品的聯結,最終呈現一個充滿手感痕跡且帶有個人情感的影像繪畫

觀看Carsten Goering的作品過程中,首先映入眼簾的是機械化排列的純色抽象圖像,當我們長時間注目時,會注意到作品表面的凹凸與縫隙,還有一些手刮的痕跡覆蓋在底層的圖像之上,這讓觀者會不由自主地移動腳步,想要以不同角度細看時,作品就會隨著視角的改變而開始閃爍。從這時開始,他的平面繪畫開啟了另一個空間。Carsten的作品使得我們的感知一直保持在運行的狀態,觀者會開始懷疑自己看到的是什麼?是圖像的生成?抑或是色彩的交疊?這過程中好似沒有起點或終點。它們不停留在某個狀態之中,而是開啟了一段過程,一段持續流動的感官經驗。

Carsten Goering 以他過去對於新媒體藝術的經驗,發展出一套與數位影像生成相關的繪畫方式。他經常使用純粹的色調來創作,透過研究不同的材料以及材質的層層堆疊,色彩與肌理的交錯,試圖將新媒體的像素網格轉化成一種實質的存在。將平面化為立體,平靜化為動態,使觀眾能夠重新思考圖像和色彩之間的深層關係。


Mizuiro Workshop | 2023

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In the process of creating digital images, Carsten Goering gradually realized that there seemed to be a gap between him and his works, which prompted him to rethink the relationship between the body interface and his works.He began trying to use traditional painting media to represent the digital images. During the creative process, the constant interaction between body, canvas and paint allowed him to re-explore the connection to the work and ultimately present a pictorial painting full of traces of touch and personal emotions.

When looking at Carsten Goering's works, the first thing that catches our eyes is the mechanically arranged pure-color abstract images. When we pay attention to them for a long time, we will notice the unevenness and gaps on the surface of the works, as well as some hand-scratched marks covering the underlying images. Above, this makes the viewer move involuntarily. When they want to take a closer look at it from different angles, the work will begin to flicker as the perspective changes. From this moment on, his two-dimensional paintings opened up another space. Carsten's works keep our perception in a running state, and the viewer will begin to wonder what they are seeing? Is it the generation of images? Or the overlapping of colors? There seems to be no starting point or end point in this process. They do not stay in a certain state, but start a process, a continuous flowing sensory experience.

Carsten Goering used his past experience in new media art to develop a painting method related to digital image generation. He often uses pure tones to create works. By studying different materials and the layering of materials, the interweaving of colors and textures, he attempts to transform the pixel grid of new media into a substantial existence. Transforming flatness into three-dimensionality and calmness into dynamics, the viewer is able to rethink the deep relationship between images and colors.

The artist believes that participating in the international residency program for the first time provided him with a unique creative experience. This experience in a foreign country reminded him of the virtual reality platform game 'Decentraland', in which players can freely play another completely different person/life role. "During this residency in Tainan, I experienced a completely different culture and creative experience through walking and eating." After nearly three months of intensive creation every day, he presented works that were different from the works he had created in Germany in the past. He hopes that through this resident creation, he can bring something different to himself and the audience.